League Rules

The Striders League was introduced in 2006 to support the team captains in encouraging Club Members to enter and participate in Hampshire Road Race League and Today’s Runner Cross Country League (now renamed the Southern Cross Country League (SCCL)) races. The League was the source of some fun during its inaugural season and created extra interest between club members as the season progressed.

Striders’ League

The League is split into two competitions, one male and one female. In addition to the aim of increasing participation and members scoring points for taking part, runners can challenge themselves to improve against the Club Standards. The standards can be found on the Website, each runner can score extra points the better they do against their own age banding. In order to encourage members to take participate in as many races as possible, additional bonus points are awarded to those who compete in at least 50% of the SCCL and HRRL (and four additional road races). Acquisition of these bonus points can have a significant effect on the final results.

Rules for the 2019-2020 Season

1. General

The rules governing the award of league points have been changed from those used for the 2018-2019 season. There are also a couple of changes to the qualifying race events as detailed below:

1. The qualifying road races will consist of all 12 of the HRRL events and four additional road races as detailed in the tables below. Only the best 12 out of the 15 road and 1 additional cross country races will count towards an individual’s final score.

2. The qualifying cross country races will consist of all of the SCCL events as given in the table below.

2. Qualifying Race Events

2.1. Road Race Events

Note: Awaiting confirmation of SCCL fixtures and dates for 2019-20. Dates and fixtures are current for HRRL and non-league races.
For the 2019-2020 season, the Striders League comprises of all 12 of the HRRL events and foue additional road races as listed below:

HRRL Events

Overton 5M1st September 2019
Solent Half Marathon22nd September 2019
Hayling 10M 3rd November 2019
Gosport Half Marathon 17th November 2019
Victory 5M 1st December 2019
Stubbington 10K12th January 2020
Ryde 10M2nd February 2020
Salisbury 10M 29th March 2020
Alton 10M3rd May 2020
Netley 10K17th May 2020
Alresford 10k21st June 2020
Lordshill 10K28th June 2020

Non HRRL events

The following non-HRRL races have been added to the League race options in order to provide additional challenge to those who prefer the longer races (hence the inclusion of the Bramley 20 and London and Southampton marathons) and add a bit more variety for those who enjoy the shorter distances. This year we have added two 5 mile races – the Hayling Billy 5 m and the popular Queen Elizabeth Summer Cross Country run. In the case of the events on the 9th February and 26th April. April, the choice of race is left to the member, the basis of point allocation being identical regardless of distance . As was the case last year while it is appreciated that not everyone will have the opportunity to enter the London Marathon, it is anticipated that at least 10 members should gain entry through the general ballot, club ballot or GFA schemes and everyone else will have an equal opportunity of entering the Southampton races on the same day. As always, early application is advised!

Bramley 10/20M 9th February 2020 tbc
London Marathon/ Southampton Marathon /
Southampton Half Marathon
26th April 2020
Hayling Billy 5 m10th June 2020 tbc
QECP Summer Cross Country24th June 2020 tbc

Note: Some fixtures and dates are provisional. Please check your entry carefully.

2.2. SCCL Events

The SCCL events qualifying for points in the League are as follows:

Pamber Forest, Tadley27th October 2019
Queen Elizabeth Country Park10th November 2019 tbc
Bourne Woods, Farnham8th December 2019
Lord Wandsworth College, nr Odiham29th December 2019
Chawton House, nr Alton19th January 2020
Alice Holt Forest9th February 2020

3. Scoring

3.1. Basic Scoring

The scoring system is as follows:

This year at the committee meeting on 16th July, 2019 it was agreed to change the scoring system by awarding league points for the road races (and the Summer Cross Country) on the basis of the WMA (World Masters Athletics) Age Grading calculator which has become established as an international standard and is widely used for many races – e.g. Park Runs. The previous system relied on the use of our “Club Standards” table , the exact origin of which is lost in history. While the table has proved to be very useful in allocating points to individuals in the past based on their age and performance, several anomalies have been observed in recent years. e.g one individual achieved an AGR of 72.25% and only awarded 6 league points according to the table while another individual in the same race achieved an AGR of 70.13% but was awarded 7 league points! There are numerous other examples of this anomaly. The actual points awarded on this basis will be simply ARG( %)/10 expressed to one decimal place So, to quote a couple of examples, an ARG of 70% would give a score of 7.0 points, a score of 63.7% will yield 6.4 points. Perhaps coincidentally, the actual scores will be similar to but not exactly the same as the old system. Achievement of the old platinum standard of 9 points (which will now equate to an ARG of 90%) will be more difficult while those who have achieve 4 points for competing in a race will now see higher scores. One advantage of this method will be to give a higher discrimination between runners’ individual performances across the league and minimise the possibility of ties in the first three places which has occurred two or three times in the last couple of years. Another advantages include the elimination in discontinuities in score as a runner transits from one age band to the next and it gives the ability to use this method for ANY distance. The age grading calculators are updated from time to time. Park Runs currently use the 2006/10 version and that is the standard which I will be using – the calculator is available on the following website http://www.howardgrubb.co.uk/athletics/wmalookup06.html .

In the case of the cross country league races the points awarde will be on the same basis as in previous years. i.e. 5 points for completing a XC league race whilst running for Denmead Striders

3.2. Bonus Points

In order to encourage the fullest possible participation in the League events, on completion of the SCCL and HRRLseasons, bonus points will be awarded, dependent on the number of events completed.

The basis for awarding bonus points this year will remain unchanged:

  • 16 points for completion of 12 league road races
  • 15 points for completion of 11 league road races
  • 14 points for completion of 10 league road races
  • 13 points for completion of 9 league road races
  • 12 points for completion of 8 league road races
  • 11 points for completion of 7 league road races
  • 10 points for completion of 6 league road races
  • 10 points for completion of 5 SCCL races.
  • 9 points for completion of 4 SCCL races.
  • 8 points for completion of 3 SCCL races.

The bonus point system will be split into two separate sections one for the road races the other for cross country, with all scores added to give final totals.

The League will run throughout the season with all paid-up members being eligible, results will be updated on the website as soon as possible after each race.

For further information on the Championship or if anyone thinks I have made an error in allocation of their points (I’m not infallible!!!) please contact Graham Clarke either by e-mail or on Club Night.