Only 11 days to start of Hampshire Road Race League!

How time flies in the summer months! 😂 After a couple of month’s “rest” the first race of the new season is almost upon us starting with a nice short one to whet your appetite over quiet country lanes- the legendary Overton 5 m on 4th September.

Our lovely club captains have put together a handy pdf document containing dates of all the fixtures together with links that take you direct to the websites of the 12 clubs who will be hosting races over the forthcoming season. Please follow the link below

HRRL Events 2022-23

The following notes give a brief description for those members who may not be familiar with the organisation and rules of the League:

The Hampshire Road Race league 

What is it? : a series of various distance road races around Hampshire. Local running clubs are ranked by mens and woman’s teams ( 4 runners make a team ) – individual scores are also counted, but it’s all about the team. The aim of the game is to stay in the top of the league by putting out teams to all races and score points for the club 
When is it? : between September and July  
Who can run?: anyone and everyone in the club! No such thing as being too slow, it’s all about the team. Individual rankings are also available if that’s your thing. 
Why run it?: to see some amazing routes, be apart of a fab team, get a medal, a free banana and sometimes a T shirt. But most importantly because we love to run! 

If you run all the races In the league like Gary McCawley & Jenny Parks did last season, then you get a swanky T shirt and a lovely shout out! 
More details can be found here
Get signed up to the first races of the season 


🏻 Let’s go Striders!