Contributions to newsletter invited!!

It may not have escaped your notice that it is now over nine months months (just before the March lockdown in fact) since you were treated to the club newsletter brilliantly edited and produced by your very own chairman, Clare. Obviously the reason for lack of appearance of this lively publication is a direct consequence of the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions with no races, no HRRL or SCCL events, no Striders’ League, not even a Christmas party to report on. During discussion of the newsletter at the last Strider’s committee meeting everyone agreed that the newsletter was a very popular publication and its re-appearance would be very well received by all members of the club. Our runners are not the type of people to sit around and be inactive so will have been involved in multifarious activities of interest to others during this difficult period so well worth reporting .

Clare would like to resume her production of the newsletters in the near future and is very happy to do so but her job will be made significantly easier if YOU can provide her with your own newsworthy items – the more the merrier! Examples of contributions might include enterprising ways of how you have kept motivated during the crisis, write ups of past non-local races which you didn’t quite get around to writing at the time, interesting visits and lots of photographs just to let others know that you are still alive – they may not have seen you for months! In fact, anything, not necessarily running-related which will make interesting/amusing reading.

Please email or send your contributions to Clare Welch who will welcome them with open arms!.

Thank you very much