Striders’ League 2021-2 Final Results

The Alresford 10k on 19th June was the final HRRL race of the season and the last of the races of this year’s Striders’ League.  My apologies for the delay in preparing the final League results but I have only just returned from holiday.

Well done to all 60 Striders who participated in this season’s competition and congratulations to the following  prizewinners:


3rd         Christina Ball                    71.2 pts.                              

2nd        Lisa-Marie Peckover        77.0 pts.                           

1st         Jenny Parks                   103.4 pts.  

Jenny deserves a special mention  as she completed every race in the league – 10 road races and 5 cross-country.! 


3rd          Julian Manning           96.1 pts,

2nd          Rob Wilson              102.4 pts.

1st           Kev Gale                  103.4 pts.  


The prizes will be presented at the Awards Evening in March 2023.

The detailed results for the whole season may be viewed at League Results 2022

The races and rules for the 2022-23 season will be made available during the summer and we look forward to seeing lots of you participating in next year’s competition!