Contributions to newsletter invited!!

It may not have escaped your notice that it is now over nine months months (just before the March lockdown in fact) since you were treated to the club newsletter brilliantly edited and produced by your very own chairman, Clare. Obviously the reason for lack of appearance of this lively publication is a direct consequence of the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions with no races, no HRRL or SCCL events, no Striders’ League, not even a Christmas party to report on. During discussion of the newsletter at the last Strider’s committee meeting everyone agreed that the newsletter was a very popular publication and its re-appearance would be very well received by all members of the club. Our runners are not the type of people to sit around and be inactive so will have been involved in multifarious activities of interest to others during this difficult period so well worth reporting .

Clare would like to resume her production of the newsletters in the near future and is very happy to do so but her job will be made significantly easier if YOU can provide her with your own newsworthy items – the more the merrier! Examples of contributions might include enterprising ways of how you have kept motivated during the crisis, write ups of past non-local races which you didn’t quite get around to writing at the time, interesting visits and lots of photographs just to let others know that you are still alive – they may not have seen you for months! In fact, anything, not necessarily running-related which will make interesting/amusing reading.

Please email or send your contributions to Clare Welch who will welcome them with open arms!.

Thank you very much


As we near the end of 2020 and look forward to stepping into 2021 with some hope of normality we need to think about 2021 subs and membership.
The club recognises that this year you have not had the full benefit of club training sessions so have decided for 2021 ONLY that anyone who was a paid up member in 2020 that wishes to renew their membership will be able to claim it at a reduced rate of £20.
Just use the same process as before (we can now take payments by BACS, don’t forget) paying the new fee.
I would encourage members to pay by BACS since  we are not currently meeting face to face, but anyone that does need to pay cash please contact Julia via email to find out the best way to arrange.
Thanks a lot

Updated Training Guidelines and Schedule

Please note that following the feedback received from the first session last Wednesday (which was very successful) Gary has updated the Training Guidelines and Schedule which we would ask you all to read.  The main changes are that the weekly sustained run has been removed,  a reminder for late comers to make themselves known to the Coach/Run Leader and a recommendation to wear a mask whilst waiting for the session to start.

Club Training Update

There has been a lot of questions on us returning to training with the government guidelines changing as time goes on. We have been keeping a close eye on the EAs guidelines and the committee and club coaches have been discussing the possibility and logistics. At the moment we still feel it is not possible to train due to some of the constraints and logistics involved. We will of course keep monitoring the situation and keep everyone updated should things change. So for now keep doing what you are doing and hope to see you all in the not to distant future


  • Unfortunately we’ve taken the decision to postpone this years Denmead 10k. Whilst some more commercially based events are looking like they may go ahead, the restrictions we would need to have in place for our own race and the work that would need to be done to meet the increased standards, we feel that as a small club is too much, with the risk far outweighing the benefits.
  • There is still no training until further notice.  We are monitoring guidelines from the EA
  • Striders Bingo – v2 is now in full swing for anyone that wants to take part


Recent Announcements

  • Well done to everyone that has got involved in the Striders bingo card.  A fair few members have now got full houses and some have requested that we do it again.  Currently working on a new card
  • The new challenge is Lands End to John O’groats.  This is the 2nd week and at last count we were at 600 miles.  Target is 874 which is the traditional known distance
  • Still no club sessions due to current government guidelines
  • If people are starting to train together more please ensure you don’t all end up training on the same day and time so that it becomes a bigger group.  Would not like this to reflect on the club

Announcements 20/05/20

  • Wow, the bingo run has really taken off, well done to all the Striders that are embracing this and sharing your runs.  It’s great fun to see.  27 Striders are currently taking part
  • Latest distance lockdown results are available on the website
  • Committee meeting was held and minutes are now available on the website
  • We will be holding a virtual quiz night – date to be arranged

Denmead Striders Bingo & Annoucements 13/05/20

  • Congratulations to Dan Starkey and his wife Gemma who welcomed Layla into the world this week
  • Thank you to all the people that took part in the rainbow run last week.  Some great picture.  Latest distance results are now on the website – again well done to all those that keep posting their runs and are still getting PBs too!  Special mention to Paul Marshall and Suzanne Richardson for their PBs and also nice to see Sara Saunders back running post baby
  • Membership is still due – for those of you that have not paid and still want to be a Denmead Strider please could you arrange.
  • We have started a photos page on the website – will take some snippets from what is posted on facebook so non facebook users can see some of the photos

Give this a go over the coming weeks and start checking off your bingo card – share with us and we can update with who gets a line/house etc


Announcements 06/05/20

Firstly apologies for not posting the previous weeks announcements.  The week came and went in a flash!

This weeks announcements:

  • Excellent contribution for the Road name challenge.  Great to see everyone getting involved.
  • Update from EA is that all athletics activity is suspended until the 31st May – this applies to group running
  • All competitions are suspended until 30th June – would advise keeping up to date with Race websites for updates
  • There are a lot of different organisations that are doing virtual races/challenges where you can post your millage for the month.  A great way to keep yourself motivated
  • This weeks challenge – RAINBOW RUN.  Run in clothes a colour of the rainbow and try to take a photo of yourself with something of the same colour.


Announcements 22/04/2020

  • Well done to everyone that took part in the Banana Challenge this week.  Some great ideas – We had Bekki dressed as Banana, Gizzy dressed as a banana dog, Jenny wore all yellow and had a banana in hand, Natalie attempted to run with a banana strapped to her head, Chrissie and Lewis done a Mario Kart reenactment by dropping a banana skin, Sean and his banana belt and Peter with his lego get up.  Ruud, Amy, Matt and Paul all done Banana shaped runs too.  Fantastic to see so many of you getting involved.
  • There were a few striders that also done their own 5/10ks etc and results will be put online in due course.
  • Awards night was a success.  Thanks to all of those that came along virtually.  Was great to see so many faces.  Well done to all the winners and don’t forget this was the 2019 season so for all you newcomers it would be great to see some new names on the trophies.
  • This weeks challenge is themed around St Georges Day.  Again we will do the virtual races from your door – this week any recognised distance.  Please send results to Lisa and she will collate them for next week.  Any Strava art around the theme – Cross/Sword/Dragon even! And again any natty ideas about dressing up etc.  Look forward to seeing what people come up with this time.
  • Remember if you are going out to stay hydrated its very warm at the moment
  • Most importantly…STAY SAFE