New Members

You might feel daunted about starting to get fit and coming to a running club! You’re probably worried that you’ll be at the back, left behind, too slow or just not fit in. Denmead Striders offers a welcoming and friendly running environment, irrespective of your level of fitness, speed, size or running aspirations. With members from age 18-80 wanting to just jog, get fit for a charity events e.g. Race for Life or achieve a life-long ambition such as the London Marathon, we provide trained coaches and mutual support to help you achieve your goals.

New members are welcomed at any session but we specifically run new member sessions the first Wednesday of every month. We’ll run with you for the first few sessions, introduce you to others of similar pace and support you. There’s no pressure to race or achieve any performance standards.

Come along for a session to see how we can offer you a safe, supporting and fulfilling running experience.

Contact Steve Trevenna for any further information