Club Constitution

(Revised March 2019)

  1. Name
    The club shall be called ”Denmead Striders”.
  2. Objectives
    The objectives of the club shall be
    (a) To provide a medium through which people can engage in running and exercise as a means of improving their general fitness in an enjoyable atmosphere regardless of whether they have taken part in any sport before.
    (b) To enable people to take part in such exercise according to their abilities and requirements to offer appropriate advice and guidance in running via the club coaches.
    (c) To support club teams in road races and cross country.
    (d) To support individual runners of all abilities.
    (e) To structure coaching to enable runners to reach their full
    (f) To raise money for the purpose of promoting the aims and objectives of the club.
    (g) To arrange social activities for members of the club.
    (h) To exercise a duty of care for the safety of all members at club sessions.
  3. Membership
    Membership shall be open to all people over the age of 18 years at the discretion of the club.
  4. Management
    (a) The business of the Club shall be vested in The Management Committee, who shall be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting (AGM). Five to form a quorum.
    The following Honorary Officers shall be elected from the Committee at
    the AGM:
    (1) Chairman
    (2) Vice Chairman
    (3) Treasurer
    (4) Club Secretary
    (5) Membership Secretary
    (6) Club Captain (Male and Female)
    (7) Cross Country Rep
    (8) News Letter Rep
    (9) Head Coach
    (b) The position of Head Coach will be appointed by the Management Committee.
    (c) The Club should be affiliated to the SEAA and the HAA plus any other appropriate Athletic Association (at the discretion of the committee) to enable all members to participate in events governed by those associations.
    (d) The Committee may form Sub-Committees and co-opt members
    (e) There must be an AGM within the first quarter of each corresponding year of which all members must be given notice.
    (f) Amendments to the constitution may be secured by a simple majority at the AGM provided that notice of the proposed amendment has been circulated in the manner proposed in (e) above to all members prior to the meeting.
    (g) An extra-ordinary general meeting shall be convened at the request of at least 10 members.
  5. Finance
    (a) The Treasurer shall present audited accounts at each AGM.
    (b) The subscription shall be paid annually on the 1st January. The amount shall be decided at the AGM.
  6. Dissolution
    If the Management Committee shall at any time recommend that “The Denmead Striders Club” shall be dissolved, a special general meeting of the Club shall be convened to consider their recommendation. If this recommendation is endorsed, then the Club shall there upon dissolve. Cash assets remaining to the credit of the Club shall be disposed of to an appropriate charity to be determined at the special general meeting.
  7. Rules
    (a) Membership of the Club is confined to Amateurs as defined by U.K. Athletics.
    (b) The Committee Shall have the power to expel any member whose subscription is 6 months in arrears, provided a month’s notice in writing has been sent to the member by a recorded delivery letter, addressed to his/her last know address, informing him/her of the proposed action of the Committee (The Black Book Rule)
    (c) Members must give 3 months notice of resignation in writing to the Club Secretary.
    (d) Members will only be covered by Third Party insurance when at an official Club Session run by a level 2 coach on Mondays, Wednesdays or Fridays.
  8. Club Discipline Procedures
    First Stage
    Club member to be invited to a committee meeting to be issued with a verbal warning over his/her actions.
    Second Stage
    Send the Club Member a letter of warning by recorded post.
    Third and Final Stage
    Send the Club member a letter of expulsion by recorded post.
  9. Procedure for allocating guaranteed London Marathon places
    Guarantee entries for the London Marathon will be awarded to individual paid up club members who have been selected on the following basis:
    (a) must have been a paid up member for a minimum of the previous 3 consecutive years at the date of the draw.
    (b) Formal entry for the relevant year’s race must have been officially refused
    (c) Proof of rejection is required
    (d) Selection will be made by drawing qualified members names from a hat
    (e) Two separate draws will take place on the same evening for the following categories
    (1) Members who have never competed in the race
    (2) Members who have competed in the race before, plus those members not successful in draw one.
    (f) If members gained a club place in any of the previous five year’s draws, they cannot be considered in the draw.
    (g) The first two places will be drawn from category 1, if more than 2 places are available the second draw will take place.
    (i) The draw must be carried out by a member of the committee and over seen by a paid up member not entered in the draw
    (j) The location and date for the draw will be communicated on at least two separate Wednesday evening training sessions
    (k) In the event that more places are available than qualified members in a draw category, the subsequent excess entries will be made available for the remaining category
    (l) Where a surplus of entries exists on completion of both category draws, a further draw open to all paid up Club members will take place
    (m) If on completion of the above procedure a surplus still remains they will be available on a first come basis
  10. Club Championships
    (a) The Club will hold two championships races each year.
    1) Lordshill 10k
    2) Gosport Half Marathon
    (b) The committee reserve the right to change races and nominate
    suitable alternatives.
    (c) To qualify for the Club Championship events athletes must:
    1) Be a fully paid up member of the club.
    2) Enter in the race as a Denmead Strider.
    3) Race in the official Club Kit.
  11. Annual Awards
    The following awards will be given annually to paid up members
    qualifying for each category. The awards sub-committee will sit,
    review and judge recommendations against performance criteria.
    The decision will be based on a majority vote where necessary,
    individual awards sub-committee members not able to attend the
    review will be allowed to submit their recommendations in writing prior
    to the review.
    NB. It is up to the individual club members to ensure that they record and submit their race results throughout the year to a committee member for club records, this information is a fundamental part of the
    assessment process.
    (1) 10k Club Championship
    Male Senior, M40, M50, M60+
    Female Senior, F40, F50, F60+
    (2) Distance Club Championship
    Male Senior, M40, M50, M60+
    Female Senior, F40, F50, F60+
    (3) Most improved Athlete throughout the year
    Male and Female
    (4) Club Captains Trophy
    Male and Female
    (5) Best Performance
    Male and Female
    (6) Denmead Striders Summer Handicap Shield
    Minimum of three races completed to qualify
    Male and Female
    First, second & third
    (7) Burtonian Trophy
    Award given by the committee to a club member for service to the club (not necessarily athletic achievement)
    The Burtonian Trophy would be arranged by the awards committee. A short list will be offered to the members at the Awards Evening and a ballot taken. In the event of a tie, the Vice Chairman has the casting vote.
    (8) Joyce Burton Trophy
    Award to be in the “gift” of the Club Chairman in office relating to the year of the awards.
    (9) Marathon Performance Award
    (10) Winnie Mae Shaw Memorial Trophy
    Newcomer of the year award
    (11) Dave Davenport Memorial Trophy
    Unsung hero award
    (12) Striders League.
    Encompassing both the Southern Cross Country and the HRRL races. The competition is based on a points system and is designed specifically to encourage Club Members of differing ability to compete on a regular basis on level terms with the Club’s “elite” athletes.
    Male and Female
    First, second and third positions within the league after the final race of the HRRL.
    Other awards may be presented at the discretion of the award committee.
    12 Adverse Weather Policy
    It is recognised that severe weather conditions, such as snow, extreme winds or flooding, may occasionally make it unsafe for members to take part in an organised session.
    In the interests of member safety it may be necessary for the nominated coach/running leader to cancel the session at short notice.
    During prolonged periods of adverse weather, notifications of cancellation will be posted on the club website . As a secondary point of notification a message will be posted on the ‘Denmead Striders Facebook’ group page.

    13      Covid – 19

    Any advice or instructions given by the EA will supersede the club constitution.