Denmead 10k

The 10k committee have now had their first meeting and we will keep you updated as much as we can with developments over the coming months.

Once again a big thank you to all of you supporting the continuation of the Denmead 10k, and from people offering to help out.  We anticipate that most will be needed on the day of the race so we really do need as many volunteers as possible.

As a result of this it has been decided that again this year we will not be opening the race to club members in the hope that we have a plethora of volunteers to help

It was also felt that for such a small race it should not be dominated purely by Striders and that we should be encouraging people to take part in what we advertise as a great friendly local race.

It was not a decision taken lightly as we know a lot of you enjoy taking part and some of the newer members have not even had the opportunity to participate.  This is why we request that Gary puts in the 10k route as part of the summer training session so that you all get that chance to run the lovely undulating route.

We recognise that there was confusion last year surrounding this and can only apologise so wanted to have clarity from the start and hope you can understand the decision made.