VSL Rules

  1. The competition will be based on the results from eight “virtual events” held over two week intervals throughout the summer as follows:
Event Dates Route Distance Route Description
1 31 May-13 June 1 5 k Handicap route – truncated
2 14 June – 27 June 2 10 k The Denmead 10 k
3 28 June-11 July 3 10 miles Denmead 10k with an additional twist!
4 12 July-25 July 4 Half Marathon The Bat &Ball, Chidden & Hambledon
5 26 July-8 Aug 5 10 miles Bat &Ball and Clanfield
6 9 Aug – 22 Aug 6 10 k Circular to Hambledon and back
7 23 Aug–5 Sept 7 Half Marathon Rudley Mill, Hoe Cross & Chidden
8 6 Sept–19 Sept 8 5 k Circular around Denmead

Maps of each route together with directions to aid navigation are given in the “VSL Routes” tab- or click on route number in above table.

2. With the exception of Route 7 these routes will start by the scout hut in Kidmore Lane. The finish will vary according to the route taken but will be no more than 500 m from the start and marked conspicuously (e.g. red/white banner tape).  Route 7 will start outside the Lucky Star in Hambledon Road opposite Kidmore Lane car park. This is to avoid crossing the busy Hambledon Road close to the start of the course.

3. For each event, competitors will run the route specified at any convenient time during the  fortnightly period.

4   Competitors are responsible for their own timing and should submit their times to Graham  Clarke before the end of the fortnight of the event.  Graham will collate and publish the results  after each event i.e. at the end of each fortnightly period.

5. Points will be awarded to each competitor using the same method as used for the Striders League using the Age Related Grading (AGR) tables defined by Howard Grubb (2006).

6.  After all eight events have been completed on 19th September, members’ final scores will be their best six resultsThis will ensure that there is no necessity to run all eight events or a half marathon distance (not everybody’s cup of tea!) to be in with a chance of winning.

7. Prizes will be awarded to the first three ladies and first three men.

8.  Clearly, the whole competition is relying on the honesty of the competitors in their times submitted.  However,  prize winners will need to submit evidence of their times (e.g. from Garmin Connect, Strava traces etc) at end of competition??

9.  All paid-up members are eligible to enter the competition. Any member who has not paid his/her subs at the time of a particular race will forfeit their score for that race.


It must be emphasised that competitors run at their own risk but their safety is paramount and everyone must take special care, particularly when running along or crossing busy roads. This is only a friendly competition for a bit of fun so, although frustrating, an extra minute or so to cross a road safely is a small penalty to pay for ensuring that you are still alive on the other side! I have tried to make the routes along quiet familiar country lanes as far as possible.  However for the longer routes, it has sometimes been necessary to run along a main road for a short distance.  I will mark locations where special care is needed on the maps with hazard warning signs and appropriate warning instructions are shown in bold red within the directions.

Inspection of the elevation profiles will reveal that the routes are quite challenging and may be venturing into unfamiliar territory for some of you.  Study of the routes and directions before setting off is recommended. All of the routes are on-road so the use of Google Streetview to carry out a pre-race virtual reconnaissance of the route is a useful tool to minimise the risk of getting lost!

For those of you who like to download the routes into their GPS devices/mobile phone apps etc., .gpx files can be supplied. Just send your request to Graham who will also be happy to answer any queries regarding the competition.

Good luck with the runs Striders, enjoy the scenery and STAY SAFE!