Goodwood Circuit Race 25th April


Hi all. Not sure how many of you feel about racing just yet but Runthrough have been in touch re the Goodwood Circuit race that is taking place on April 25th 2021. They are offering us two free places and also asking if anyone would be willing to volunteer on the day. With this they offer each volunteer a donation of £30 to the club or a free place at a future event as a thank you. If anyone is interested please let me know and I will do a “draw the name out of a hat” to make it fair. Please email Clare if you are interested


Training resumes!


At last, the news that you have all been waiting for! Training will resume in time for the summer on Wednesday 7th April. Our amazing Head coach, Gary, has been working very hard to produce a schedule which, first and foremost,ensures that all members will be kept safe during training sessions and complies with both government guidelines and those of England athletics.

The schedule is very similar to that to which the club briefly returned for the winter schedule but all members are asked to read and comply with the information and guidelines provided under “Training” before attending the sessions. Please follow this link to view the initial six-week schedule.

For those of you who would still prefer to to train on their own, the full summer training programme is available by clicking on the appropriate sub-link for the Monday or Wednesday schedules but please do not train in the vicinity of the  official training session on Wednesday evenings.

Sessions will initially take place at the Waterlooville venues but, all being well, it is the intention to return to the lanes of Denmead from June 21st when all COVID restrictions will be lifted.

We look forward to seeing many of you again on April 7th 🙂



Hi guys

There has been a social media post about runners around the Berewood area on Monday nights allegedly forcing pedestrians off the path and being in a “group”.

I know a lot of us are still training around that area so would just please ask us all to be conscious of this, remember the government guidelines and, if we are seeing fellow runners, to try to avoid any kind of congregation and also be mindful of the community. I know this is not anything organised by the club and down to the individuals but if you are running in these areas please be mindful that it is one of our training areas and it could be raised with the club and potentially affect future training.

Keep safe guys, hopefully it won’t be long until we can train in bigger circles.



Our very own Julia Revill (Membership secretary & Vice Chairman) has been in touch today and advised she has been kept busy running by delivering your membership cards around the area!

It has really kept her going as her usual cross country routes have been awful and wading through mud doesn’t help speed work!

So why not keep her running by renewing your membership she’d love the incentive to get out and about.

At the moment we have 76 members who have re-joined – a lot less than the total number of paid-up members for 2020.

As a club we appreciate you have not been getting the full benefit of your membership (hence the reduction in fee) but also hope you can see that we have still been trying to motivate and Gary McCawley has been excellent in providing “virtual” coaching for you all via this platform.

With the potential of training coming back into the fold spring time and races by summer/autumn then I hope you will still want to be part of this great club.

Details of how to pay membership can be found on the club website.

Thanks for your support as always guys




As you will all be aware, the 41st London Marathon is scheduled to take place on Sunday, 3rd October this year.  Hopefully, if all continues to go well with the vaccination programme etc, this event will actually go ahead as planned!
Those of you who applied for a ballor place last October and were rejected are probably wondering about the club places that are available.  We are still waiting on more information from the EA. As always the number of entries available is based on how many registered club members we have. Once we have more details we will let you know what the deal is so please keep your rejection letters/emails just in case.
Places are still available for the virtual marathon on that day should you wish to run the marathon distance on that day over a route of your choice!
Keep up the training! There may soon be an incentive in the form of a race in addition to the light at the end of that proverbial long tunnel we keep hearing about! 🙂

Annual Subscriptions Due


This is a gentle reminder to all members that your annual subscriptions were due on 1st January.  As Clare stated in her ealier post, the club recognises that this year you have not had the full benefit of club training sessions so the committee have decided that,for 2021 ONLY,  anyone who was a paid up member in 2020 that wishes to renew their membership will be able to claim it at a reduced rate of £20.

We encourage members to pay by BACS since  we are not currently meeting face to face.  Subscriptions can be paid directly to the club sort code 40-45-26 account number 51233475 (Please don’t forget to  put your name as a reference). However, anyone that does need to pay by cash please contact Julia via email to find out the best way to arrange.

A big thank you to all members who have already paid!


AGM & Quiz Evening 2021

Many thanks to all who came along to the virtual AGM last Friday and a special thank you to Clare for organizing the Quiz Evening afterwards which we hope you all enjoyed. It was great to see you all.

As announced on Friday night Clare would like to welcome Del King onto the committee as her wingman as he is now Vice Chairman 😁. I’m sure you will all wish him his role.

Also many thanks to Julia for stepping up to the role in the interim period.


Contributions to newsletter invited!!

It may not have escaped your notice that it is now over nine months months (just before the March lockdown in fact) since you were treated to the club newsletter brilliantly edited and produced by your very own chairman, Clare. Obviously the reason for lack of appearance of this lively publication is a direct consequence of the ongoing Covid-19 restrictions with no races, no HRRL or SCCL events, no Striders’ League, not even a Christmas party to report on. During discussion of the newsletter at the last Strider’s committee meeting everyone agreed that the newsletter was a very popular publication and its re-appearance would be very well received by all members of the club. Our runners are not the type of people to sit around and be inactive so will have been involved in multifarious activities of interest to others during this difficult period so well worth reporting .

Clare would like to resume her production of the newsletters in the near future and is very happy to do so but her job will be made significantly easier if YOU can provide her with your own newsworthy items – the more the merrier! Examples of contributions might include enterprising ways of how you have kept motivated during the crisis, write ups of past non-local races which you didn’t quite get around to writing at the time, interesting visits and lots of photographs just to let others know that you are still alive – they may not have seen you for months! In fact, anything, not necessarily running-related which will make interesting/amusing reading.

Please email or send your contributions to Clare Welch who will welcome them with open arms!.

Thank you very much